Singapore Casino

Singapore Merlion

FCC Technician Class License Renewed

My amateur radio call sign KD5PWM has been renewed for another ten years.  My goal now is to upgrade to General class but I'll need to do some serious studing first.

Forbidden City - Beijing, China

The Temple of Heaven - Beijing

The Great Wall of China

Passed my CLAD test.  I'm now a Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer.
December 2012

Captain for the hour

Sailing in Galveston bay aboard a 40ft sail boat was great fun.

2008 Singapore Workplace Safety and Health Innovation Winners


This was in the Singapore Post.


Me next to me...

Papua New Guinea 2007

Ten days of hell in the jungle camp of PPG.

I will upload photos soon. 
One day I'll sit down and write the stories that go with each photo...

To be continued:


Bali Parasiling

Russian sub docked at Den Helder Netherlands

Edinburgh Scotland

Edinburgh Scotland

Leaving the Galveston Key rig off the coast of Balikpapan, Indonesia.

Me and Ron after our "near-death surfing experience" at Uluwatu Bali Indonesia

Borobudur temple Indonesia

Borobudur temple Indonesia

Sulfur out-gassing Indonesia

Silversmiths hard at work with no safety protection or air-conditioning making items they could never afford to purchase for people who just stand over them and take their picture while they work (me).

They melt the silver with a coffee can filled with kerosene and blown into a straw to form a flame.  This flame is blown onto a brick of asbestos.  Can't count all the hazards involved in this process.  Wouldn't want to work here for no money.  

Tanah Lot Indonesia.  This camera angle was all I could find that didn't include half a million tourist in the shot.

Worked out of a 10ft shipping container on a land rig in New Zealand.

This truck driver made it up the hill but the truck kept going up.  Couldn't get it down until they poped the cables holding the logs.  Then it all came crashing down.  Reloaded the wood then took off.  This was our entertainment while we ate at a roadside "cantina" (dirt-floor, cat infested, open air) restaurant.

Monas Monument Jakarta Indonesia

Borobudur temple Indonesia

Pickadilly Circus London England.  Yes it was a circus.

Big Bend London England.  Sounded just like the start of the song Hells Bells by AC/DC.

Aberdeen Scotland

Me working 1994, HOT! in the sun and heat of Jakarta Indonesia when the Ring Road was just being built next to Cilandak Commercial Estates.  Pile driver noise ever second, red clay dust everywhere.  Good Times.

Ron and the Stupa at Borobudur temple Indonesia

Bali Indonesia

Monas during the 50th Anniversary

Monas Monument Jakarta Indonsesia

Quick picture on the coast of New Zealand

First rig job 1993 North Sea Scotland near EkoFisk rig in the background.

Melting silver the hard way in Yogyakarta Indonesia.

Uluwatu beach Bali Indonesia

She wanted to braid my hair or sell me a t-shirt, I don't know what she said and didn't care.  Couldn't shake the "sell you some crap" ladies in Bali.  "you want t-shirt mister?"

Glad to be leaving alive.  Uluwatu Bali Indonesia.